lundi 22 juin 2009


L'émission Onda Sonora vient fêter sa première année de longévité au magasin. Mais c'est eux qui en parlent le mieux:

"Sunday the 28th of June we'll take over the excellent Veals & Geeks Store for a day of music, bubbles and meeting the nicest people around. We'll offer some free drinks and things to eat, play some music and have a nice chat with everybody who feels social that day. After a while we'll record the show live in the shop with only records we find in the shop. If you want to pull us a good one you can buy all the good records the Saturday before. I don't think Stan, the owner, would mind. Haha. Dieter will be recordings whatever you want to say about our show and we'll paste that into the show afterwards. Last time we did something in the shop it was a blast."


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